Pro-Am Tee Times & Results

Butterfield Official Pro-Am
Wednesday October 26th


1st Place
-30, Team Schenk/Gordon (Amateurs are: Mark Bishop, Fred Barnett, Freddie Evans & Bentley Gibbons)


2nd Place
-25, Team Brehm/Byrd (Amateurs are: Kevin Petty, Sam Byrne, Adam Petty, Malcolm Gosling Jr.)


3rd Place
-24, Team Smotherman/Taylor B (Amateurs are: Daniel Daly, Ricarod Cipicchio, Lee Gladden, Scott Kurzer)



Butterfield Bermuda Championship AM/AM
Tuesday October 25th


1st Place
56 – Joe Dimeck, Todd Keirstead, Chris Morris, Mark Bishop


2nd Place
58* – John Richmond, James Woods-Davison, Ravi Raghavan, Kate Silberman


3rd Place

58 – Gary Mitchell, Damon Bean, Alan Bates, Steven Roy


4th Place

59* – Michael Watkins, Matthew Durrant, Matthew Rowland, Sean O’Hara


5th Place

59 – Michael Grier, Malcolm Gosling, Azeem Khan, Stephen Roberts


*on retrogression win back nine



Coca-Cola Pro-Am presented by Butterfield & Vallis
Monday October 24th


Closest to the Pin – Hole 3

Men’s: Mike Sheehy

Women’s: Tracy Jachman


Longest Drive – Hole 12

Men’s: Pat Hannan

Women’s: Kate Cabral


1st Place Team

55 – Chris Mayne, Makee Tucker, Rick Olson, Wes Jones


2nd Place Team

62 – Jimmy Stewart, Helmut Koban, Alfred Konrad, Max Abend


3rd Place Team

63 – Roderick Spencer, Martin Batty, Ian Carruthers, Byron McCallan